eShield / Attic Energy Barrier – Memphis, TN


, located in Memphis Tennessee, is proud to present eShield, an attic energy barrier that is guaranteed to make your home more energy efficient. Would you like to see your monthly energy costs decrease? If so, contact Remodel America today for a free in-home, no obligation estimate.


the most cost-effective way to lower your heating and cooling bills

  •  state-of-the-art foil laminating technology
  • stops over 97% percent of radiant transfer,
    the primary source of energy loss
  • works for the life of your home without settling,
    condensation or mildew
  • no dangerous fibers / hypoallergenic
  • needs no maintenance or replacement
  • Usually pays for itself faster than any other home


Department of Energy tests show that eShield™ attic energy barrier can deliver more energy savings than twelve inches of additional fiberglass insulation.

A space suit can be 310°F on the side facing the sun and -290°F on the opposite side. But a flexible
radiant barrier laminated into the fabric allows the space suit to reflect the searing heat of the sun
and retain the body’s warmth on the dark side.

Your home is like a space suit. It should keep heat in when the weather is cold – and keep it out when the weather is hot.
The same radiant barrier technology used in space can produce dramatic results in your attic… and bring your heating and
cooling bills down to earth.


See the dramatic thermal performance improvement that eShield™ attic energy barrier can provide in your home.


In these photos, an identical heat source is applied to two installations: one with R-19 mass insulation only, and one with
the same mass insulation covered by a single layer of eShield™ attic energy barrier.


eShield™ attic energy barrier is highly versatile. The configuration of your attic and your relative heating and cooling
requirements will determine the best installation method.


RAMCO is the preferred eShield installer for Memphis. We promise to give you an honest attic barrier quote and make sure your home is left in the exact condition we found it in. Our quality and name speaks for itself. Call today to receive a attic insulation installation quote in the Memphis Tennessee and surrounding areas. You won’t be disappointed!


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