Hooray, we’re finally in our new location. Our showroom floors were just finished today (July 20th) and now the task is at hand to design all of our product displays.

We’re really excited about our new product additions. Coating, cladding, and fiber cement.

We are now the exclusive dealer for All Weather Coatings, the nation’s premier coating product. Until we update our website, you can read all the details at All Weather Coatings come with an amazing 30 year warranty on labor and material. Homeowners who have siding in good condition and are tired of painting every 3 to 5 years will love this product.

The second new addition to our offerings is the fabulous Everlast Composite Siding. This siding/cladding is 10 times thicker than vinyl siding and looks just like a cedar plank. It is beautiful! Details at Everlast siding will cost approximately 40% more than vinyl. One reason being the existing siding on a home must be removed before the Everlast can be installed.

Lastly, we are going to promote our HardiePlank product more than in the past. This is a well-branded product that is readily available to homeowners and contractors. However, we are entering an Associate Contractor program with them and this means that as they monitor our installations and view the quality of our workmanship we will be one of thier recommended contractors. When a company has a manufacturer’s endorsement, it gives potential customers an increased level of trust and peace of mind.

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